Everything is together in one tool, simple to use with powerful features

InstaTeam’s smart team management solution helps get scheduling, rosters, team calendar, team messaging, reminders, notifications, payment tracking, attendance record, parent and player community, everything together in one tool. InstaTeam makes team management exceeding simple and phenomenally fast.


Creating teams is really simple on InstaTeam

  1. CREATE TEAMS - Creating teams is really simple on InstaTeam, by 'really-simple' we mean 'just-a-few-taps-simple'. You do not need to add team members as they get added when they send a request to join the team. However, the app gives you option to add members manually if a member does not have access to a smartphone.
  2. INVITE MEMBERS - You can share the team code or simply tell members to search for the team name and send a join request. Once members have downloaded the app, they can easily send request to join.
  3. CUSTOM TEAM TYPES - You can create any type of team within InstaTeam. Whether it is sports, social or classroom, InstaTeam mobile app is flexible and can be used effectively by any type of team. For instance, the classroom team can use InstaTeam to create test dates, homework assignment and class trips. Social groups can use InstaTeam to organize outdoor activities and keep the team members informed of any changes.
  4. EDIT MEMBER - For coaches and team organizers, editing any member's information on the team roster is as easy as any other task on InstaTeam. Just select the player and edit player information such as email address, jersey number, etc. You can always remove a player from the team if the player no longer belongs to the team.
  5. ASSIGN MULTIPLE ADMINS- InstaTeam allows anyone to create a team and create multiple admins or transfer admin privileges to other team members. A player or parent may create a team and then invite the coach to join. The team owner can then easily remove herself from being administrator or may continue on as an administrator. The InstaTeam app allows utmost flexibility in terms of transferring admin privileges to more than one team members. Coaches by default are administrators. InstaTeam app accommodates multiple admins if your team needs them.
  6. SELF SIGNUP ROSTER - Coaches love this feature within InstaTeam. They do not need to collect email addresses and phone numbers of the team. As the players or parents look up the team and join the team, the roster gets created automatically. It does not mean that anyone can join your team. All join-team requests require approval from the admin or coach to be accepted in the team.


All team events and schedules can be managed on the InstaTeam app.

  1. CREATE, EDIT, DELETE - All team events and schedules can be managed on the InstaTeam app. Create a new schedule or event, make changes to the existing schedule or delete a schedule or event that over or cancelled, do all of this within seconds.
  2. CUSTOM EVENT TYPES - InstaTeam provides the flexibility to define new event type by the administrator. Whether it’s a game or practice session, a tournament or a meeting,InstaTeam lets user define any event type they wish.
  3. REFRESHMENTS - Team administrators or coaches have the ability to assign team members for providing refreshments during the game or a tournament. The administrators can easily assign team members with an easy to use interface.
  4. NOTES - Coaches can add notes to the events if there are some special instructions. For example, a coach may add that the team will go for pizza after the game.


InstaTeam allows admins to send team messages to the entire team or multiple teams in just a tap.

  1. TEAM MESSAGES - InstaTeam allows admins to send group messages to the entire team or multiple teams in just a tap. So if it’s about informing of a cancelled practice session or a game, or some last minute changes in the venue, InstaTeam allows instant communication from anywhere making life easier for the entire team.
  2. DELIVERY STATUS -   In InstaTeam admin can see who all have received the message and who all have read it.
  3. SCHEDULE MESSAGES - One of the most loved feature of InstaTeam is scheduled team messages. It gives coaches and team admins flexibility of scheduling messages to be delivered at a later date or time. A coach may want to schedule a message one day before the game to remind team member to arrive early for the game. InstaTeam allows coaches to accomplish that very easy.


Full flexible push notifications and emails.

  1. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - In the InstaTeam app each event will have alerts and reminders that are sent as push notifications. All users have full flexibility to specify which notifications they want to keep on and which notifications they want to turn off.
  2. EMAILS - Along with push notifications, emails are also sent to team members to double check the team members get it.
  3. CUSTOM PREFERENCES - Each user can customized the push notifications that they want to receive. For example, a player may choose not to receive email notifications, but only push notifications on the smartphone. Another user may want to turn off schedule-change alerts.


Keep all your event's memory in InstaTeam

  1. MEDIA - Admins and team members can post high quality photos and videos for any event bringing in energy and enthusiasm in the team.
  2. SHARING - Everything is there; Facebook, Twitter, Email, What's app, SMS, and even you can store everything locally.


It's really instant, anytime, anywhere do real-time messaging

  1. INSTANT MESSAGING - InstaTeam is a web and mobile based app. This means InstaTeam can be accessed from mobile devices such as tab, smartphone or even on the desktop PC. For all team communication, notifications, instant messages and alerts are sent on the mobile device along with emails being sent out simultaneously such that everyone on the team gets the message no matter where they are and what they are doing.
  2. GROUP MESSAGING - You can use in-built group like parent only or member only or create new one to start group conversation.
  3. MEMBER TO MEMBER - InstaTeam is the only app that allows member-to-member instant messages within the app. So you can send and receive messages from your teammates even if you do not have their phone number or the email. The app stores the conversation between team members within the app.


Just tap on 'Pay Now', really fast for both admins and members for payment items

  1. PAY NOW - Team members can now pay for their dues using their credit or debit card. When an admin creates a payment item and assigns it to team members, the team members see the payment due icon. When they go to the details about their dues, the members can click Pay button to make payments. Once they click on Pay, they will be asked for their credit/debit card information for payment.
  2. ADD PAYMENTS - The team admins can also make payments on behalf of the team members by entering their card information. To make a payment, the team admin can click on payment item to view the team members who still have the dues remaining. They can then click on specific team member and then click on Add Payment button and add the credit card/debit card number of the team member.
  3. TEAM ACCOUNT - The team admin can add Stripe and PayPal account to receive payments from members. The payment funds are deposited to their Stripe/PayPal account. Stripe/PayPal is one of the leading credit card payment processing companies for eCommerce transaction.


InstaTeam smart team management tool is everywhere

  1. FOR SPORTS TEAM - Organize your sports team through the mobile and online team management and communication solution from InstaTeam. Athletic Directors and coaches can get access to several sophisticated features that simplify team management and team communication and help them manage multiple teams thorough a single window.
  2. FOR SCHOOLS - Principals, teachers, parents and students can be on the same page with regards to homework, projects, student performance, class events, school events and all activities happening in the school. InstaTeam’s smart team management and communication tool helps school teams, including Principal, teachers, students and their parents, connect, communicate and interact together as a team.
  3. FOR SOCIAL GROUPS - InstaTeam connects and engages teams like Fitness Groups, Social Clubs, Church Congregations, Choirs, Music Groups, Hobby Enthusiasts, Volunteers and teams of all types. InstaTeam provides a platform for teams to come together by bringing the team together, coordinating for group activities, informing all team members, keeping information updated and so much more.