Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions for use of optional SMS (Short Message Service) messages when sending team messages:

  • SMS message option is available to team admins and coaches for sending team messages only. Team admins or coaches should have written consent (via form or email) from the team members to receive SMS messages.

  • Team admin should have written consent or email from the team members to opt-in for receiving SMS. If any team members opt-out of receiving SMS, they will not receive SMS messages.

  • SMS messages are purchased on per team basis. The purchased SMS bundle is added to the existing SMS message balance for that team. The remaining SMS message balance for the team can be found by clicking on SMS icon after team name.

  • When enabled for a team message, SMS messages are only sent to the team members who have secondary phone number provisioned in their team member profile.

  • If a team member or parent/s of a team member are registered, and you have provisioned the secondary/SMS phone number also. These members will receive the push notifications and SMS.

  • If members and parents are included in the team message, the system will filter out any duplicate phone numbers.

  • SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. Therefore, each SMS will have a link where the team members can view the full team message.