InstaTeam helps teams get back the momentum lost due to “reply all” endless chains and buried email messages. With InstaTeam’s instant anytime, anywhere access and real-time messaging, Admins and team members can actually cut to the chase and get answers needed.

  • InstaTeam syncs with your Google/ Yahoo or other personal calendar and creates automatic reminders and alerts for upcoming team events. Players can even customize the settings for the notifications.
  • Any changes, additions or edits in the schedule or team events creates automatic team alerts for the entire team.
  • InstaTeam is a web and mobile based app. This means InstaTeam can be accessed from mobile devices such as tab, smartphone or even on the desktop PC. For all team communication, notifications, instant messages and alerts are sent on the mobile device along with emails being sent out simultaneously such that everyone on the team gets the message no matter where they are and what they are doing.
  • On InstaTeam one can see who all have received the message and who all have read it.
  • InstaTeam encourages member communities. Members can chat with each other without compromising number privacy
  • Customize receiving messages, notifications and alerts; which message you want to receive by email only or both by email and notifications etc.
communication via InstaTeam