InstaTeam’s smart team management solution helps get scheduling, rosters, team calendar, team messaging, reminders, notifications, payment tracking, attendance record, parent and player community, everything together in one tool. InstaTeam makes team management exceeding simple and phenomenally fast.

  • InstaTeam’s powerful scheduling tool helps create schedule within minutes. Edit schedule, make changes or add events in the schedule real fast and easy and the whole team gets automatically notified.
  • As soon as players accept the team invite and key in their basic information, the team roster gets automatically updated. No need to get forms filled and key in player details manually for each player. As players keep adding, the intuitive tool keeps updating the roster automatically.
  • InstaTeam helps you manage multiple teams. Be admin for several teams or participate in multiple teams, InstaTeam will organize each team’s role, information, messages and tasks separately. Effortlessly manage multiple teams on InstaTeam. No separate website updating required.
  • InstaTeam seamlessly syncs with your current website. Any changes/additions in the team schedule or events get automatically updated on the website.
  • InstaTeam offers essential management tools like keeping attendance records or score records for individual players and the team. This data can then be used to produce analytical reports.
  • Athletic Directors, Coaches, Group Leaders or Team Admins can rely on InstaTeam for tracking payments and sending humble reminders.
  • InstaTeam allows creating custom repots in excel or PDF formats, easy to create and simple to understand.
team management with InstaTeam