Create Teams

Creating teams is really simple on InstaTeam, by 'really-simple' we mean 'just-a-few-taps-simple'. You do not need to add team members as they get added when they send a request to join the team. However, the app gives you option to add members manually if a member does not have access to a smartphone.

Invite Members

You can share the team code or simply tell members to search for the team name and send a join request. Once members have downloaded the app, they can easily send request to join.

Custom Team Types

You can create any type of team within InstaTeam. Whether it is sports, social or classroom, InstaTeam mobile app is flexible and can be used effectively by any type of team. For instance, the classroom team can use InstaTeam to create test dates, homework assignment and class trips. Social groups can use InstaTeam to organize outdoor activities and keep the team members informed of any changes.

Edit Player

For coaches and team organizers, editing any member's information on the team roster is as easy as any other task on InstaTeam. Just select the player and edit player information such as email address, jersey number, etc. You can always remove a player from the team if the player no longer belongs to the team.

Track Payments

If you are the coach, you'll love us for this! You can easily keep track of who's paid and who's not. InstaTeam app allows you to mark players who have not paid their dues. Members who have not paid the dues show up with red icon and coaches can send them reminder message or remind them when the team meets.

Assign Multiple Admins

InstaTeam allows anyone to create a team and create multiple admins or transfer admin privileges to other team members. A player or parent may create a team and then invite the coach to join. The team owner can then easily remove herself from being administrator or may continue on as an administrator. The InstaTeam app allows utmost flexibility in terms of transferring admin privileges to more than one team members. Coaches by default are administrators. InstaTeam app accommodates multiple admins if your team needs them.

Self Signup Roster

Coaches love this feature within InstaTeam. They do not need to collect email addresses and phone numbers of the team. As the players or parents look up the team and join the team, the roster gets created automatically. It does not mean that anyone can join your team. All join-team requests require approval from the admin or coach to be accepted in the team.