Instateam For Sports Team

Organize your sports team through the mobile and online team management and communication solution from InstaTeam. Athletic Directors and coaches can get access to several sophisticated features that simplify team management and team communication and help them manage multiple teams thorough a single window.

  • Powerful scheduling tool from InstaTeam helps create game season, league, tournament and practice games schedule easily and quickly.
  • As players join the team, rosters are created automatically and player information gets added to the roster. No tedious manual input required.
  • For Athletic Directors and Coaches who manage multiple teams, sending team messages for upcoming events or schedule changes can become very tedious. InstaTeam allows team admins to send bulk messages in one go making life easier for Athletic Directors and Coaches.
  • If there’s a change in schedule, individual players need not be informed. InstaTeam’s smart messaging automatically sends notifications and alerts both by Instant Messaging and by email simultaneously so that no player misses out on important team messages anywhere, anytime.
  • One change in schedule can result in making changes in schedules for maybe all teams or manually updating info on other team’s schedules also. InstaTeam allows making bulk changes in one go.
  • InstaTeam app will automatically send reminders for upcoming team events on every team member’s smartphone and email.
  • InstaTeam seamlessly syncs with the team’s existing website. Any changes in schedules or events are automatically updated on the website keeping the website up-to-date without expenses of website maintenance.
  • Parents, players, coaches and everyone on the team can sign-up for carpooling, volunteer activities and so much more.
Instateam for sports-team