Team Messages

InstaTeam allows admins to send group messages to the entire team or multiple teams in just a tap. So if it’s about informing of a cancelled practice session or a game, or some last minute changes in the venue, InstaTeamallows instant communication from anywhere making life easier for the entire team.

Member To Member Messages

InstaTeam is the only app that allows member-to-member instant messages within the app. So you can send and receive messages from your teammates even if you do not have their phone number or the email. The app stores the conversation between team members within the app.

Scheduled Messages

One of the most loved feature of InstaTeam is scheduled team messages. It gives coaches and team admins flexibility of scheduling messages to be delivered at a later date or time. A coach may want to schedule a message one day before the game to remind team member to arrive early for the game. InstaTeam allows coaches to accomplish that very easy.

Instant Chat

InstaTeam provides a chat like environment between team members or parents. Parents can now easily coordinate and communicate with each other without the need to get the phone numbers and emails.