Adding Card For Making Payments

As a team member, you can make payment for payment items or register for a ticket event using credit card or a debit card. You do not need to add the card to your profile, but if you wish to add the card for making payments in the future, you can do so. To add a card in your profile in Instateam mobile app, tap on the More tab, and then click on Payments Settings. Then select Payment methods. If you already have a card stored in your profile, you will see that card there. Otherwise you can click on Add Credit Card button. On the next screen, you can enter the credit card number and also the expiry date for that card. Once the card information is verified, it will be stored in your profile. You can then use this card to make payment for dues etc without needing to enter the credit card details every time you make payment.

You can only add one card in your profile. You can always change or deleting the card in your profile. To delete a card, tap on Menu tab, then select Payment Settings and then Payment methods. In this screen, you can delete the card by clicking on the delete icon on the top of the screen.