Adding Members To A Team

There are 4 ways that the team members get added to the team: Auto Registration, Importing from database file, adding members from existing teams or manually entering the information

Auto Registration is the default process of creating team roster. As the team members join the team using Instateam mobile app, they are added to the roster. The team admins have full control over who joins the team. When a new member join the team, the team admins need to approve join request before the member is accepted into the team.. The team admins can also easily delete team members from the team roster.

Another way to add team members is by selecting members from their existing teams. This saves them the effort of entering the team member information. The team admins can also enter the member information manually. To add members manually, the admins click on Add Member button on team roster screen and then enter the member details and click save. Those team members are shown as Not Registered members in the team list. An email is automatically sent to the new team members with detailed steps on how to download the InstaTeam app and join the team. If Not Registered members cannot download the mobile app, they still receive team messages and event reminders via email. Therefore, all team members with or without mobile app can benefit from InstaTeam

The InstaTeam web console allows admins to import multiple team members using an excel file. By clicking Import Team Members button, admins can download the excel file template, and add the member information in the excel file based on the template. After completing the excel file, the admins can upload the file by clicking on Import Team Members button, and then adding the file which contains team members information.