Making Payments Within Instateam App

The payment option is available for web and mobile. To make payment on your mobile app, you can go to the Teams tab. If there is any payment which is due, you will see red text below the team name that indicates the same. If you click on the team name, then you will see a red box with text My Payment Due. If you click on that box, you can then see the details of the payment items for which payment is due. Now you can select one or multiple items for which you want to pay. Click on the Next button to view the total payment amount including any fees. You can then click on Pay Now button and add the credit card details to make the payment.

After you have made the payment, you will have an option to save the card details for any future payments. If you decide to store the card information, the information will be visible under My Profile section of the app. You can remove or change card under your profile at any time. To find more details about storing the card in your profile, please refer to Adding Card for Making Payments.