Using Filters To View Events

Once the events are created, the admins have a powerful filter option where they can filter events based on teams, event types or their attendance status. For example, an admin may decide to view all Games events for all the teams, or view all practice events for one of the teams. They can easily do that by using the filter feature on the web or on the phone. To use filter, just click on the filter, and select the filters. The filtered results can be exported as an excel file by clicking on export events. Also, the admins can publish those events by clicking on Publish calendar and using the iCal link generated by the application.

The team admins or the members can also apply the date filter to view events for a given date range. To apply the date filter, the team admins click on the Filter icon and then on the Date tab. Now, they can enter the From date and To date and then click on “Apply Filter” button.

If a member has applied date filter to view the events, the filter is not reset until the member clicks on reset filters button. The filters can also be reset when the member clicks on View All Events or Refresh button in the events tab. Upon clicking on refresh button, the user will be asked if they want to reset the filter or not.