Creating Ticket Events

The team admins can also create events which requires members or attendees to pay for attending the event. To create a ticket event, go to the Events tab and then click on Create button. Then select Ticket Event. In the next screen, you can add image, event name, event title and also the event description. Like regular events, you can also create ticket events for multiple dates. Click on Multiple Dates check box and then click on dates for which you want to create that event. You can limit the event attendance by entering the number of total tickets available and also limit on number of tickets purchased by each member.

If you specify the number of tickets purchased by each member, then the system will not allow a given member to purchase more tickets than what is specified. You have options available for setting the event price such as adding Early Bird price, group discount when purchased over certain number of tickets and ability to pass the processing fees to the purchaser of tickets. You can also specify if you wish to create the event such that the event is visible to team followers also. Once the event is created, it shows as Ticket Event in the event list screen.

You can also share the ticket event via social media or email campaign by sharing the url for the event. To copy the url click on the paid event, and then click on Share button. You can then copy the url and share the url with your email contacts or post it on social media.