Creating An Event

The team admins can create events in the Schedule tab on mobile phone or Events tab on the web. When admins click on Create Event button, they see a choice for creating event for a single team or multiple teams. For example if there is a picnic for all teams, the team admin can select multiple teams and the event will be created for all the selected teams. Admins can select default event types such as Practice, Home Game, Meeting, or they can create a completely new event type. To create a new event type, the admin clicks on More and then clicks on Create New. Now the admin can enter the new event type. Once a new event type is created, it is available as an option for future events creation. The team admins then specify the date, time and the duration of the event.

The team admin can specify the event name in addition to the event type. The event name is shown in the calendar and event list. Let us say the admin needs to create a Tournament as a Home event. In this example, Admin can select event type as Home Game and then type in event name as Tournament. After event is created, the event shows up as Tournament with dark blue font color indicating that this is a Home event. The InstaTeam app saves all previously created event names such that the Admin does not need to type the complete event name again.

The admins can enter multiple opponent names for Home Game and Away Game events. To enter multiple opponents, click on the + sign and add additional team names.

To add an event location, the admins tap on venue and can select from previously used venue locations. To create a new location, the team admins can click on add venue and use integrated Google maps to enter the street address or landmark name. The team admins can also specify Depart time if there is an event where the team members are required to share a ride.

With Instateam the team admins can add special events like holidays or TBD. Selecting TBD box, gives them option of creating TBD, All Day, Holiday or Cancelled events. They can leave duration if the event does not have any end time.

The team admins can create the same event for multiple dates very easily. Click on the multiple date box just below the event date. A calendar appear and they can then select multiple dates by clicking on calendar. The selected dates are highlighted in the calendar. To deselect any date, the team admins click on that date again..

The Repeat button is used to create recurring events that require a start date and an end date. Any further information about the event can be added in the details section. Similar to singe events, repeat events can also be created for multiple teams.

Team admins have the option of creating repeat events with weekly or every 2 weeks. They can select repeat box to select the repeat option.

On the web, the team admins have the option of creating multiple events quickly by selecting Create Multiple Events under Create button. This option allows the admins can then create multiple events by entering information in a spreadsheet like format. The team admins can also duplicate an event within multiple event screen.

The team admins can also edit multiple events on the same screen by first selecting all the events they want to edit, and then clicking on Edit button. All selected events will appear in spreadsheet format where the admin can quickly edit events. After editing and saving the events, the admins can hide the event by clicking on Hide button.