Find And Replace

The Find & Replace feature allows admins to update event start time, duration and other event parameters for existing events. The team admin can run the search filter for a certain date range or across all dates to find team events that meet certain criteria such as event type and opponent team name or venue. The admin then clicks on Find button to list all the events that meet the search query. Now, the admin can specify which event parameters should be changed. The admin can also within the event list. For example, after creating practices for a team, the admin may want to change that all practices at a given venue need to start at 4 PM. The admin can then select the team, specify the venue and then search for all events. The admin then enters 4 PM as start time and unchecks “No Change” box in the replace section. It is important that the Admin deselects No Change box, otherwise the changes will not be applied to the events.