Exporting And Importing Team Roster

When creating team or at any time you can import team members from excel file and create the team roster. After the team is created, you can click on Import team members button and then select import from Excel file. The system will ask you to download the template. After you have downloaded the template, you can add the data. Please note not to change column heading as the system uses column heading to read the data. Once you have created the file, you can then import that file by clicking on Import button and then selecting the file you just created. Also, if a duplicate member entry exists in the input file, the system will ignore it and not add that member to the team. All emails should be unique for members. If a member does not have an email address, please enter star for the email address in the excel file.

The team roster can also be exported to the excel file. To export the team roster, click on the team and then click on the Export Team Roster button. Select export to Excel. The system will create a file with the team members details.