Adding Payment Account For Receiving Funds

InstaTeam supports team admins to receive payments from the team members when they pay for payment items dues or ticket event registration via credit card or bank debit cards. As a team admin, you can use either Paypal or Stripe accounts to receive payments. If you do not have an existing account, you can create a new account with Paypal or Stripe within the Instateam app itself. To add an account on the web app, you login to Instateam and then click on the Profile tab on the left side. Next click on the Payment Information tab on the upper part of the screen. If you already have payment account associated with your profile, you will see the account details here. You can only have one account in your profile to receive money. All the payments received for all the payment items for all your teams will be deposited into this account. Also, you can only associate one payment account. If you delete the payment account at any time, and add a new payment account, you will need to go back to all your payment items and paid event and associate the new payment account with those items.