Integrating Team Calendars With Existing Websites

Team admins and members can publish calendars for all their teams events or only for selected filtered events. InstaTeam web interface provides several options to either publish standalone team calendar or integrate team calendar with your existing website.

With instateam, the team admins can

Create URL to include as a link in their organization website,

create iFrame code to add to an existing website

create iCal link to add a calendar in personal calendars such as outlook or yahoo calendar

Export calendar to excel sheet

Create pdf report for team events

To publish team events, the admins click on the Export button and then select Export team Calendar or any of the other option to Export filtered events.

Export team calendar allows the team admins to publish the complete calendar for a single team or multiple teams. Export Events includes filtered events which are displayed under event tab at that time. For example, the team admin may want to Publish Home Games and Away Games for all the teams. In this case, the admin will first click on View All Events which will show all events for all the teams. The admin then clicks on Filter and then selects Home Game and Away Game from the event type. After the filter is applied, only Home Game and Away Game events are shown for all teams. Now, the team admins can click on Export Events button and select any option such as Creating a Url, Creating an iFrame link, Exporting to excel, Syncing with Google calendar or Creating an iCal link.