Setting Event Attendance

Team members can easily update their attendance by clicking on Going icon. The status can be set as Going, Not Going or Maybe. They can also sign up for signup items by viewing the signup items list and selecting the item they wish to signup for. The Carpool feature allows members to signup for carpool and indicate if they are driving to the event or if they are interested in getting a ride. The members can also mark events as Favorite events by clicking on heart icon. All Favorite events can be accessed by clicking on the heart icon.

Team admins and coaches can mark attendance for team members who are present at an event.

For the past events, the admins have the option of setting attendance for each member. To set attendance for a past event or today's event, they can click on the Set Attendance icon next to the member name in that event details screen.

The team admins can easily create attendance report for a team by clicking on the Reports tab on the web app. In this screen, they select the team name, event type and the dates for the report and click Create. They have the option of exporting attendance report to excel or to pdf. A report is created with the attendance status for each member for all the events within that date range. The report also show the number of Present and Absent days.