Direct Integration With Google Calendars

InstaTeam web app allows the team admins and team members to integrate the team calendar or team events directly with Google Calendars. The members can integrate a single event by clicking on calendar icon next to the event in the events tab. The members can also apply the filter and then export the filtered events to Google Calendar by clicking on Export button and then selecting Sync with Google Calendar. The members then select the google account and the calendar within the account and click on Sync Events button. After the Sync events button, the web will askThe events are now added to Google Calendar and any changes made to these events will be updated to Google Calendar instantly

The team admins have the ability to define default Google Calendar for each team. The default Google calendars instantly sync with any team event changes or any new created events. The team admins can then share the default Google Calendar link with other team members who can add that Google calendar to their account. To set a default Google calendar for a team, the team admin clicks on Settings tab, and then clicks on Edit team and Google Calendar. After selecting the google account, the team admin can see list of calendars within the account. The Team admin can then select the calendar and turn the default flag ON. The team admin can select more than one calendar as default calendar. The team admin can stop syncing calendars anytime by turning the default calendar flag off